Frequently Asked Questions

What is the yoga lottery?

A weekly email newsletter by Read our quality yoga content for a chance to win an unlimited month of yoga.

How does it work?

Every month we will choose an email at random to receive an unlimited yoga membership at the studio of their choice. (Limit $250 USD)

How do I enter?

Simply sign up for our weekly newsletter and you are automatically entered to win. As long as you remain subscribed, you will be in the monthly running.

How will I be contacted if I win?

You will be contacted through the email address you subscribed to the list.

Who is eligible?

Anyone anywhere we can pay for a month of yoga at a studio you visit (or want to!).  Pretty much just about anywhere in the world.

Who is

Yoga Slate publishes informational articles and videos on the practice and philosophy of yoga.

Who is behind all of this?

The Yoga Lottery and Yoga Slate properties are owned and operated by Jeffrey Posner and Michael Stoppay.


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